< Unique Asset Integrity Upgrades by Quanty Pty. Ltd.

We find Risk Cost in terms of dollars and safety exposure for extra savings and added safety

In Design & Procurement - Look ahead for Operation implications:

  • pie_chart Concept designs that meet Asset Management goals
  • build Truly manageable integrity and compliance
  • access_time Solutions which are fit for service during the whole life

In Operation - Loop Control of Risks:

  • verified_user Particular risk controls are adequate to the risk levels
  • access_alarm Timing of inspection and maintenance is optimal
  • equalizer Depth of risk assessments is failure risk proportional

In Troubleshooting or Life Extension - Assess Costs and Benefits:

  • playlist_add_check Mitigation versus Inaction scenarios were studied
  • iso All risk control options are evaluated
  • flash_on Probability of failure is controlled down to tolerable

What does it mean in practice?

three pie chart diagrams

The pie charts in the left show inspection intervals of 40 pressure equipment units, determined using different methods.

We have developed CoRBI® to minimize subjective choices. Consider the PoF plot in the right and the role of the safety limit set on it - Whould that be feasible for you without the PoF knowledge?

Our Value Proposition:

We facilitate scientifically sound upgrades to Integrity Analysis. This offer is indispensable in the on-going digitalization context.

The offer is holistic and also applicable at design and de-commissioning stages to use real life experience for designs you operate.

We do offer probabilisitc analysis of integrity data to seamlessly provide cost/benefit inputs into your Asset Management.

This helps enourmously in decision making as risk controls options are supported by safety and dollar figures from our analysis.

Please feel free to message us mail_outline to learn more about our Innovation portfolio and possibly receive Free Trials of our solutions.