Upgrade YOUR Integrity Enginnering to the NEW Confidence and Compliance Level right NOW !

helpWhat we do?

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  • multiline_chart We develop and apply the unique analysis of integrity data
  • security To confidently assess plant equipment failure risks and also:
  • monetization_on Provide the Asset Management Cost/Benefit numeric inputs
  • beenhere While helping you to achieve the genuine safety compliance
  • device_hub Using our practical knowledge of RBI, NII, FEA, FFS and PoF
  • terrain To construct multi-level system of risk proportional controls

arrow_forwardWhat is CoRBI®

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  • filter_1 Fully probabilistic integrity and risk assessment
  • filter_2 Applicable to corrosion and other operational damage
  • filter_3 Using statistical analysis of conventional inspection data
  • filter_4 Enabling a confident numeric cost-benefit analysis and
  • filter_5 Ensuring an ultimate safety compliance demonstration
  • filter_6 And a holistic budget control at all equipment life stages

devices What is AIM data®

  • public Online IDMS and RBI software accessible World-wide
  • person_add Created BY integrity engineers FOR integrity engineers
  • people For site and office instant interaction and collaboration
  • pie_chart Support of any RBI methods, including our CoRBI®
  • smartphone Ergonomic, compact and secure web-interface
  • android Mobile devices friendly and fully customizable

timelineWhat is Whole Pro®

  • send Evaluating probabilities (PoF) in all integrity assessments
  • send To improve practicality of engineering analysis, specifically:
  • send Re-evaluating design calculations and data to PoF terms
  • send Performing Troubleshooting/FFS calculations using PoF
  • send This is VITAL for a reliable plant integrity decision making
  • send And we know how to perform this practically and cost-wise

Our Value Proposition:

We will be able to construct a unique multi-level and risk proportional Integrity Engineering Framework for your static equipment.

This system of Integrity Engineering solutions will be based on the Probability of Failure analysis from the evidential (CM) data.

As a result, your financial decisions, integrity confidence, and safety compliance level will be drastically improved 'on a budget'.

If you experience uncertainty or disappointent about the 'state of art' FEA, FFS, RBI and NII planning, you're at the right destination !

Please feel free to message us mail_outline to learn more about our Innovation piortfolio and possibly receive Free Trials of our solutions.

We are a fully licensed and insured consultancy business working for the Australian Oil&Gas Industry for years